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$4.95 – Acai Berry: Fruit of Paradise written by Jeremy Appleton

Acai is truly a fruit that comes from paradise. From the beautiful Amazon estuary located in the northern part of Brazil, there are tall, awe-inspiring palm tress that produce these little beauties. The berries we get from them are full of antioxidants and particularly – anthocyanins. Anthocyanins fight free radicals and help protect your body from them. What are free radicals, really? They’re simply electrons in our body that haven’t been paired up. Therefore, they are greedily looking for molecules in your body to pair with. When they do, it can cause many negative health reactions and DNA damage. Yes, heart disease, cancer and other serious sicknesses can be somewhat caused by it.

Acai is truly a little miracle berry, in that it provides so many health benefits from weight loss to preventing potentially fatal health problems. Well-renowned naturopathic and famous nutritionist Dr. Jeremy Appleton has gathered all the need-to-know info about acai in this groundbreaking book. Want to know how to maximize your health naturally with acai? Then get this book.

$12.00 – Acai – The Amazon’s Antioxidant Powerhouse.

Don’t want to spend hours fumbling through a big book just to get the info you’re really after? Then this book might be the right one for you. You get all the essential info and benefits explained in an easy to understand format. It’s also smaller and easier to take with you on the go. You can quickly grasp the importance of unique acia juice blends and understand how this knockout antioxidant filled fruit helps improve your health.

$11.00 Acai Berry: Fruits of Paradise (Woodland Health)
By Jeremy Appleton.

Doctors and tribe members that live in the Amazon have long known about the amazing healing power and benefits of the fresh acai berry. Packed plum full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, this little miracle berry can be just that – a miraculous way to improve health, lose weight and fight off dangerous diseases.

The savory flavor only adds to the joyfullness this berry brings. Try a supplement juice or add some of its delicious chocolateness to your favorite blends. This book will provide you over 100 easy ways you can incorporate acai berries into your daily routine to boost your energy, slow down aging, prevent diabetes and cancer and even increase your sex drive. There’s nothing else in this world (that we know of yet) that can provide so much from a single source.

52 Ways to Use Acai.

NOW AVAILABLE! Get this easy to use guide for using acai for home remedies, topical applications and more…

Are you a young adult trying to make sure you stay as healthy as you can and increase stamina for sports? Are you a mom trying to figure out just how acai berry can improve your child’s health? No matter who you are or what you need from this little berry, this book has something for you.

Wanna know the best way to start incorporating acai drinks? Want to know how much acai you need based on your body type and weight? Want to know how acai can help prevent and ward off chronic pain and other serious health conditions? Wanna know how to boost your energy and stamina? Wanna know how you can measure the effectiveness acai is having on your health? Wanna know how muc is safe for kids, teens or babies? Want to stimulate your family’s immune systems? It’s all here and more.