Side Effects

Side Effects

Acai Berries
To ask if there are side effects from Acai Berries is a little like asking if there are side effects to eating apples. The acai berry is just a very nutritious fruit. The local people to the area where acia berry is harvested in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil consume plenty acai berry. Some reports are that as much as 42% of their food intake consists of raw acai berries!

Pollen And Berry Allergies

One minor complication that has been reported is for people with pollen allergies, may find that their condition is aggrevated somewhat by acai berries as reported here. The number of reports has been very small and the symptoms have been minor, but is something that should be noted. As always if you are unsure about your reaction to acai berry then talk to a medical doctor or nutritionist.

Pure Acai Berry Supplements
Understandably, people on medication for problems such as high blood pressure are sometimes concerned about possible interactions of Acai Berry supplements with their medication. However, there are no known drug interactions to 100% pure Acai Berry. In addition, there are no known effects on pregnancy.

In general, people taking Acai Berry Supplements are recommended to take between 1000 and 4000 mg, depending on potency. This is a small fraction of the amount the people of the Amazon rainforest have been consuming for decades with no negative reactions.

Pure Acai Berry Juice or Puree

Acai Berry Puree like that produced by Amazon Thunder is nothing but mashed Acai Berries, with a little grape juice for sweetener. As such, there are no major side effects from Acai Berry Puree. Juice manufacturers often mix in other fruit juices, so it is possible some of those mixed fruit juices may have side effects, but we are not aware of anything serious. It is possible, however, to consume a much higher volume of Acai in the juice form, and some have reported mild diarrhea when drinking too much, but this is no different than any other fruit juice. We have heard from marathon and other long distance runners that taking more than 4 ounces of Acai Puree, or 12 to 16 ounces of juice, can be too much when taken before long runs.

Mixed Acai Berry Products

Pure Acai is free from any side effects. However, companies that are jumping on the Acai Berry bandwagon have increasingly been adding other ingredients to their products. Sometimes this is done to save money, and they add mostly inert fillers.

But others are adding more active ingredients to enhance some of the benefits inherent in the Acai Berry. These may include guarana (and therefore caffeine), other fruit juices, sugar, etc. These additional ingredients may produce unwanted side effects. In addition, since mixed products may contain acai only as a minor ingredient, they may reduce the health benefits of the berry. There has been virtually no testing of the long term effects of these mixed, or blended, Acai Berry products, so should be avoided if you have pre-existing health problems and are concerned about possible side effects or interactions with your medications.


There are no known side effects from Acai Berries, or from supplements and juice of the Acai Berry. If you have some underlying health problems and are concerned about possible drug interactions of Acai Berry products, stick to 100% Acai Berry products, and limit your daily intake to less than 4,000 mg of supplements or 4 oz of puree.