Triple Your Weight Loss with Meratrim

A recent Dr. Oz show featured a new weight loss supplement which has led to many vendors offering a variety of meratrim products. A company called InterHealth owns the trademark to this product. This is the reason there are many creative marketing solutions being used by vendors to cash in on the success of this […]

The Skinny on Skinny Foods


Every month it seems there’s a new secret to weight loss. But truth is, we already know many secrets to burning fat and they’re all found right in your local grocery store. No, it isn’t as expensive as you might thing to eat healthy and you may be surprised at some of the “skinny foods” […]

Say Yes To Delightfully Healthy Popcorn


I don’t know of too many people who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing and unwinding with a great movie and a big bowl of light crispy popcorn in their lap. But a lot of people think that if they’re trying to lose weight (or just eat healthy overall) that they can’t love their popcorn and eat it […]

Green Coffee Diet by Dr Oz


Dr Oz featured Green Coffee Bean extract on his show in March and since then stores have not been able to keep it in stock. Besides the startling weight loss results from the study Dr Oz cited, there are several reasons for the big buzz: Coffee is consumed in large quantities by billions of people […]

Green Coffee Bean Extract Biggest Weight Loss Discovery Ever

Woman losing weight with no dieting

Astonishing Medical Breakthrough Safely & Naturally Burns Away Fat – FAST No Diet or Exercise Change Needed! New Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Provides Easy Weight Loss. Dr. Oz, scientists and medical professionals around the world are calling it the magical miracle weight loss pill that we’ve all been waiting for. That may sound too […]