Futurebiotics Brand African Mango

Futurebiotics Brand African Mango

The Pharmaceutical Grade 100% pure African Mango extract marketed by Futurebiotics is a weight loss supplement free from any of the extra ingredients typically added by most of the other manufacturers.

How much African Mango extract does the supplement contain?

The Futurebiotics supplement contains 150mg of Irvingia Gabonensis, which is not as much as some of the other African Mango weight loss formulas currently on the market. However, this amount corresponds to the levels of African Mango extract shown to induce weight loss during at least one significant scientific study that was carried out on the effects of African Mango

How can African Mango help with weight loss?

African Mango is a proven weight loss supplement. When taken as part of a healthy diet, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant as well as boosting the metabolism. So not only will you feel full of energy, you will also lose weight quickly and easily. Indeed, studies have indicated a typical weight loss of 28 pounds in ten weeks is highly achievable when using African Mango as a weight loss supplement.

What benefits can the Futurebiotics Brand African Mango supplement offer?

Unlike other products containing green tea and Acai, the Futurebiotics brand of African Mango supplement is totally pure, so if you want to avoid the caffeine typically found in other products, this product is ideal. The Futurebiotics product is available in a capsule form suitable for vegetarians and is very easy to swallow. The manufacturer recommends a dose of two capsules per day, so one bottle will last thirty days.

Is the Futurebiotics Brand African Mango supplement good value?

Scientific studies have proven that as little as 150mg of African Mango extract can have a significant weight loss effect when taken regularly, so this product is ideal for anyone looking for a pure African Mango diet supplement free from other additives.