Understanding Green Coffee Beans

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Coffee beans aren’t automatically ready to brew like the coffee beans you’re probably used to buying. When they’re picked from the plant, they’re what we call green coffee beans. These beans have not undergone any kind of roasting process yet. These beans are the source of green coffee supplements, as they still contain a vital ingredient called chlorogenic acid.

Traditional Coffee Roasting

The beans are very carefully pulled from Mother Nature and stored according to certain measures for quality control until they reach optimal ripeness. The flesh of these coffee beans are then removed, which leave only the actual coffee bean inside. Now the beans are left with a kind of slimy coating and we don’t want that! So now, they need to be fermented, soaked and washed in clean, natural fresh water. After they’ve been properly dried, they’re then sorted. Only the best coffee beans are kept to put through the roasting process, which is what gives you the coffee beans you’ll find in your local supermarket or coffee stores.

Popular Coffee Beans and a Warning

Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian coffee beans are some of the most-loved organic coffee beans among coffee enthusiasts.  However, they tend to be moldy in nature and can therefore be toxic to humans in some cases. If you can’t live without them, be sure not to buy any that have a brown-tinted layer to them or layers that are soiled.

Choosing Green Coffee Beans

As we said at the beginning of this article, green coffee beans are those that have not been roasted at all. They’re called green because they’re typically green in both senses of the word: they have a greenish color to them and they’re well… green (organic). Many coffee lovers don’t like the bitterness that they have, though.

Most agree that the best green coffee beans to buy are Arabica coffee beans. They’re a select, gourmet coffee bean that you can even customize to add the exact kind of flavoring you want. If you’ve been hearing about the benefits of green coffee bean extract and want to make it as most cost-effective and easy as possible, then definitely consider simply buying the extracts you can find on the market today.

A Few Cautions

If you want to buy your own coffee beans, then keep these few tips in mind:

  • Stay away from beans with a faded color to them. There’s a good chance that they’ve been over-exposed.
  • Stay away from Amber beans


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