Green Coffee Diet by Dr Oz

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Dr Oz featured Green Coffee Bean extract on his show in March and since then stores have not been able to keep it in stock. Besides the startling weight loss results from the study Dr Oz cited, there are several reasons for the big buzz:

  • Coffee is consumed in large quantities by billions of people and very few have negative side effects
  • Participants in the study lost weight without and dieting or exercise
  • There are many health benefits from the antioxidents in green coffee
  • Coffee bean extract is not expensive

Of course there are many other weight loss products that do help some people lose weight. But none have been tested as much for safety as coffee has, right?

So let’s take a closer look here. The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal revealed a study on green coffee beans. Throughout the study, which lasted 12 weeks, they tracked 16 participants who were given the extract. By the end of the study, they’d lost about 17lbs each and 16% body fat. Looking at the numbers, this equals a little over 10% total body weight. That in itself is astounding, but what’s even more impressive is that you can achieve this kind of weight loss effortlessly and without any side effects.

Half of the world is fighting with a common problem named obesity. This health problem comes with various other problems like heart diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, high blood pressure, etc. You may feel lethargic due to such health problems and also numbness may appear in some parts of the body. It is important to keep a check on your weight to keep yourself healthy.


There are various reasons for this weight gain and some of them are not easy to resist. Most of the times, obesity may also appear due to illness, medication of genetic reasons. There are several reasons but you can find one very easy cure in form of Green Coffee. The beans are usually found in Brazil but is exported in various parts of the world. It is easy to have regular consumption of coffee to protect yourself from such dreadful diseases. Just add these berries in your regular diet and feel the difference.

Are you fed up of trying every possible thing to lose your weight but found no changes? Well, it is time to switch on to Green Coffee diet to find the difference. You can find the coffee fruit in your local fruit stores in frozen form. His fruit has omega 3 and healthy fats which can easily cut your stubborn fat deposit and make you lose your weight.

Just regular consumption of his fruit in any form, whether in natural form just as a fruit or in liquid form, will help you with your weight losing activity. The beans are as good as the natural ones and very safe for consumption, so you need not worry on that part. You can also search the internet to find more or visit our green coffee extract page


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