Green Coffee Extract Study Results in 16 Percent Body Fat Reduction

Green Coffee Extract Study Results in 16 Percent Body Fat Reduction

Green coffee is the newest of our additions. The interest has been immense! After receiving hundreds of emails over recent months, we decided it was something that we should really look into and what we’ve discovered is extremely promising. Green Coffee Pure seems to be the product most people are gravitating towards, but before we even started looking at any particular products we wanted to first look at green coffee itself. Here’s an overview of one of the studies we found…

This green coffee study was conducted to test if and how it affected weight loss and was done at the University of Scranton. It included 16 participants who were all between the ages of 22 and 46 and each was given one of three different supplements at a time: a placebo, a low-level dose of green coffee extract or a higher-level dose of 1,050 mg of the extract.

Participants took what they were “prescribed” for 22 weeks. At the end of this time period, each one was weighed and researchers seen that they lost 17 pounds on average and a 16% drop in fat loss.

This was nothing short of amazing. Why? Participants were on a rather high-calorie, low exercise routine. On average they only burned about 400 calories per day and ate on average 2,400 calories per day! Needless to say, the researchers were surprised and a bit confused. So they dug further and here’s what they learned…

Chlorogenic acid was the magical compound most likely making this happen, which is naturally found in green coffee extract. It prevents your body from producing glucose. In turn your liver doesn’t absorb or store fat. Secondly, it tells your liver to begin burning off what fat might already be there.

The combination of these two effects creates quick weight loss and had participants been on the high dose the entire time, then they would have lost much more. Of course, we realize this was not a large-scale study. On the other hand, the leader of the study (Joe Vinson)  is working on a large-scale coffee bean extract study to further prove his findings.