Side Effects

Side Effects

There’s been a surge in the number of people shopping for green coffee bean extract since it was featured on the prestigious Dr. Oz show. Yes, there is plenty of proof that it can help you lose weight without even making any changes to your diet or the amount of exercise you get. However, there isn’t a lot of information available about what you can potentially expect in terms of the side effects of green coffee beans.

No MAJOR adverse reactions

No true side effects have really been recorded, which may be because there haven’t been a lot of large-scale tests and research done to specifically target any side effects. It’s completely natural and for the most part believed to be safe for use.

One study, that included 117 people, was done to test the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract on reducing blood pressure. In all of the clinical and physical examinations, no side effects were noticed. Another study was done consisting of 28 people taking it for two months to see how it affected hypertension. Again, no side effects.

Some exceptions

  • caffeine intolerant
  • pregnant women
  • nursing women
  • prescriptions for kidney or liver problems

Experts generally believe it to be perfectly fine for most people to take. There are exceptions, though. Those who have problems with caffeine (there is a small amount of caffeine found in green coffee beans, but not more than a good, strong cup of coffee) or have a low tolerance for caffeine should proceed cautiously and start with a low dosage. Side effects if you have a low tolerance to caffeine could be getting jittery or palpitations of the heart. These kinds of side effects normally go away on their own and can be avoided by lowering dosage.

Other exceptions are those who are pregnant or nursing, those taking prescription drugs or those with kidney/liver problems. If you fall into any of these categories, then it’s highly recommended to talk to your physician before starting green coffee bean extract.


Quality product is important for safety

Before buying any kind of health supplement, whether it’s for weight loss or not, you should ensure that it’s going to be safe for you to take. Buying green coffee extracts is no different. Green coffee extract is fairly new to the market and it’s very likely that you don’t know much about it, right? Before choosing which brand and specific product to buy, just be sure to do your research first. To get you started, we’ve got a lot of the basic research done for you…


The first thing most people ask about green coffee extract is the caffeine. Yes, coffee bean extracts will always have a minute trace of caffeine. What you have to consider is this: A cup of coffee will typically have 100g of caffeine or maybe even more, but the majority of coffee bean extract supplements only have between 20g and 30g. So taking them shouldn’t have any adverse effects like shaking and getting the jitters.


The second most common question concerns the quality of the coffee beans being used. This is understandable, as it directly affects the safety of using them. Yes, green coffee beans are native to other countries and that can make some people wary of them. However, before they can be allowed into the U.S. they have to pass stringent quality guidelines and testing. Add to that the fact most good companies do their own testing and quality control and you can bet the beans are of a high standard.

Considering the above points, you can assume that the coffee beans are safe to use. The question is what other ingredients a particular supplement may be using. So are green coffee supplements safe for your health?

Read the Label

Labels are required by U.S. law for a reason. Use them. Be wary and look into it if odd ingredients are listed, but don’t assume ANY added ingredient is bad. Some of the best supplements use additional natural ingredients that make it more powerful. Some common ones that are used and help aid weight loss even more are African mango, raspberry ketone and green tea extract.

What you want to avoid are “filler” ingredients. If the supplement you’re considering buying has more than 50g of caffeine, you can almost bet they’re using fillers and the energy gain is coming just from caffeine. Look for odd-sounding names are difficult ones to pronounce… anything with ‘sulfates’ or ‘carbonites’.

Read the Reviews

Another thing you should be doing is reading green coffee extract reviews. Are past customers talking about side effects? If so, move on and start researching another.  If not, then chances are it’s fine and you won’t have any either.


Green coffee extract supplements are generally perfect safe. As with anything though, just take your time to research before making a purchase to ensure you aren’t getting some copy-cat product from a company that doesn’t care about quality, your safety and your success. We highly recommend Green Coffee from They have been at the forefront of healthy, natural weight loss products for many years now.