Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

If you’re looking for information and green coffee bean extract articles, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re passionate about the benefits that green coffee provides and strive to keep up with everything about green coffee. Please feel free to browse our articles by using the drop-down menu above for “Articles”. For an overview about green coffee, weight loss and other benefits that come with using it, keep reading…

Controversy and debate often follows when a new miracle weight loss supplement is discovered and the media attention that green coffee bean extract has been receiving has ignited just that. Dr. Oz featured the use of green coffee for weight loss recently on his show and the world has definitely paid attention. Right now is seemingly the perfect time for an effective and easy way to lose weight for several reasons… first, there are more people fighting obesity than ever and secondly, well, it’s coming up on summer time.

Green coffee bean extract isn’t just something someone thought sounded cool. It’s been tested in clinical studies and the results have many people ecstatic. Some companies are finding it difficult to keep their supplements stocked, especially the most sought after one – Green Coffee Pure. Top medical establishments, along with some of the best universities to be found, have been touting green coffee beans as the next big thing for those who want to lose weight.

Unlike many of the ‘miracle’ weight loss supplements over the years have easily been debunked and proven to be nothing but hype or straight up scams. So it’s very important that green coffee has all of this data and research to back it up. Dr. Oz doesn’t recommend or even speak favorably of many weight loss supplements, so when he does it’s something that we should all be paying attention to. Green coffee bean extract was proven in a double blind, 12-week-long study that was placebo-controlled.

World renowned green coffee bean expert and researcher by the name of Dr. Joe Vinson was very impressed with the results. The participants were even asked not to make drastic changes in their everyday lives, which mainly meant not to start a new, rigorous exercise routine or start a much healthier diet than they were used to. Twelve weeks of using green coffee bean extract and the weight loss properties of pure green coffee bean extract were easily proven.

What is it that makes green coffee so powerful for weight loss?

The short answer is chlorogenic acid. The long answer: chlorogenic acid is naturally found in green coffee beans (coffee beans that are pure and have not gone through any rigorous processing