HCG Diet Plan

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HCG weight loss hormone diet is recommended for super fast weight loss nowadays. HCG drops or injections are used to give energy and they aid in instant weight loss. That is almost 2 pounds per day. In HCG diet along with drops and injections, it is necessary to have 500 calories intake only and no heavy exercise. A general diet plan for HCG diet is that, in breakfast you can take coffee or tea with one table spoon milk and stevia only. In lunch take a balanced diet like 100 grams from protein diet like meat, fish, chicken, crab or lobster but with trimmed fats. Take a portion of vegetables almost 2 cups, with breadstick or Melba toast. Have one fruit like apple or orange or take some strawberries and grape fruit. You can make the same combination for dinner as well. This balanced diet along with HCG drops or injection will surely do a magic for you that is, instant weight loss without any weakness and starvation.

The HCG diet is really a drastic weight loss plan but its not necessarily unhealthy. Though you should follow the strict 500 calorie a day diet, that doesnt mean youd be starving yourself because your body wont feel hungry as it takes the energy it requires from the stored fats in the body.

You have to distinguish though what is hunger and what are cravings and the HCG diet will really open your eyes. Knowing that your body isnt hungry, youd know when youre already going for food because of cravings. Eventually youd be able to adjust your diet and will no longer have difficulty in differentiating the two. This is a speedy diet that lets you burn fat fast. Though it may have some side effects but its too minor to worry about. Youd feel pregnant, thats what, because of the pregnancy hormones effect to the body. Men and women can go for this diet as its not restricted for women only.

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