Diet Tips

Diet Tips

It is not uncommon for people trying the HCG diet for the first time to have a long list of questions about HCG diet tips and how the HCG diet works. These often include concerns about post-HCG diet food, HCG diet and exercise, how the HCG diet reacts with medications, and how best to keep your motivation levels high whilst following the HCG diet.

HCG diet tips

Life after the HCG diet is a very important consideration for most people. After all, when you have spent weeks and possibly months working towards a weight loss goal, it can be hard to contemplate reverting back to a normal everyday diet. But the good news is, you don’t have to! The HCG diet will change your metabolism and eating habits forever, so you will no longer be tempted to gorge on fatty junk food and sugary snacks. Instead your body will crave healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

HCG diet and gentle exercise is another crucial aspect of the HCG diet protocol. Without taking regular gentle exercise, your weight loss via the HCG diet will be limited and you might not achieve your optimal weight loss goal. However, you do not have to panic at the thought of spending hours sweating in the gym every day—only fifteen minutes of gentle exercise per day will be sufficient for the HCG diet to work like a dream.

Hopefully you will not fall ill whilst following the HCG diet, but if you do, you need to know how the HCG diet reacts with medications. In most cases, you should stay away from over-the-counter medications for common ailments such as coughs or colds. This is because such medicines normally contain high levels of sugars and such ingredients are banned by the HCG diet. But you can try a number of natural remedies to relieve and prevent common illnesses such as colds and the flu, so check out our HCG diet and medications page for further information.

If you are struggling to stay motivated while on the HCG diet, do not worry, as you are not alone. Motivation can be hard for many people, but there are plenty of methods you can try in order to stay on the straight and narrow while working towards your weight loss goal on the HCG diet, including keeping a weight loss diary or blog, enlisting the help of friends and family, and chatting to fellow HCG dieters on the Internet.