HCG Diet Info

HCG Diet Info

You may have only heard about the HCG diet since it seems to be resurfacing as the hot new way to lose weight in America. However, it’s actually not something new. It’s been around for many years, specifically since the 1950’s. So what is the seemingly miracle diet that helps you lose weight almost immediately and day after day?

The HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It’s been coined as the pregnancy hormone and was first offered as a dietary supplement in the 1950’s. We have Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons to thank for the diet, an obesity researcher from the Salvatore Mundi International Hospital in Rome. His book, Pounds and Inches, is a guide to understanding how a very low calorie diet combined with an HCG supplement can provide fast weight loss – a diet plan that you can expect to continue losing a pound per day on.

At the time, it wasn’t very well received. It never really caught on and people stopped talking about it soon after. However, in 2007 it resurfaced. A marketer talked about it in one of his books and bam – it hit mainstream like it never did before. Everywhere you turned, you seen HCG this and HCG that on the TV, news and billboards. It filled late night TV and radio commercial spots.

Lose a Pound Per Day!

Suddenly there was this new diet that promised extremely fast weight loss. A diet that you could start losing weight with almost immediately. A diet that you could lose a pound everyday on. And now it’s even more effective than it was before with the addition of African Mango.

Doctor’s Limited to Advertising HCG

The FTC has put some strict guidelines in place to how HCG can be promoted. Since they haven’t specifically approved it for “weight loss” then doctors aren’t allowed to promote it to clients in that fashion. That’s unfortunate, seeing how it can truly help obese people in many cases.

Healthy Long Term Weight Loss – Fast

The HCG diet has the potential to help you start dropping pounds almost immediately. That’s awesome, but it gets even better. There’s more to it than just fast weight loss. It can help you “rewire” your brain and body into burning fat more effectively. How?

According to Dr. Simeons, there are three different types of fat that your body can accumulate:

  • Structural Fat – This fat is produced in order to protect your bones and organs. It fills in gaps to cushion them.
  • Reserve Fat – This fat is saved so your body has a source of energy & fuel, as well nutrients when needed
  • Abnormal Fat – This fat is also there to use for nutrients, but because of how and where it forms it isn’t available for your body to use

Why You Don’t Feel Hungry on the HCG Diet

The HCG diet targets that trapped abnormal fat. When you eat a 500-calorie diet and use HCG as a supplement for your body, your body can combine those calories and the nutrients/fuel from the abnormal fat. Therefore, you are actually getting a lot more than you think and you don’t feel as hungry as you’d think you would. It’s recommended to stay in this phase of the diet for up to 40 days.

There are other phases to this diet that make it a transition into a healthier lifestyle and sustained weight loss. It’s a tremendous stepping stone, as it would be near impossible for anyone to carry on with a diet this low in calories otherwise. However, as you’re slowly returning to a normal diet (in time) it’s highly recommended that you include healthy eating and use support groups if needed for behavior modification.