Instructions and Help for the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is an amazing way to help you lose weight fast. In order for it to work though, you have to carefully follow the protocols of the diet. Here’s some instructions to help you get through the diet successfully.

If you need some more detailed instructions and guidance, then please visit the pages below:

  • Phase I – Preparation (Optional)
  • Phase II – Diet
  • Phase III – Maintenance

Here you’ll find a much more condensed version that can help guide you through the program. Think of it as Cliff Notes for the HCG diet!

  • The first thing you need to before ever beginning the HCG diet is to read Dr. Simeons book: Pounds and Inches. This book will help you grasp the reasonings of why this diet works so well.
  • HCG drops have been proven to be the most effective form of losing weight. Over and over again, it’s been shown that by taking six drops, six times per day is the optimal amount and timing to give you the best resutlst.
  • Don’t swallow the drop immediately. Once you place it under your tongue (with the dropper that is given to you), hold it there for about fifteen seconds before swallowing it.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after you take the drops
  • Follow the guidelines for food while on the HCG diet. You’ll be provided with a list of foods that are safe for you while on the diet.
  • The first few days you start the HCG drops, you can eat whatever you like. Actually, chow down as all kinds of fatty foods. Think: cheeseburgers, cream-cheese loaded desserts, pizza, sausage… anything nice, fat or greasy. Why? The fat you consume will help avoid any hunger in the coming days while you’re transitioning to a low-calorie diet.
  • Once you start the low calorie diet a few days in, make sure you’re only eating the foods recommended for Phase II.
  • Take the drops for 20 – 40 days or so. You don’t want to take them longer. If you still want to lose more weight then you need to go into maintenance phase before you start another cycle of HCG drops.
  • After you take the last HCG drop of a cycle,, weigh yourself and record you “Last Dose Weight”. You need to maintain your low calorie diet for three days after that. Throughout the maintenance phase, you want to stick to your last dose weight.
  • The maintenance phase should last between three and six weeks. Stay away from starches and sugars, although you can increase your calories as long as you stick to the instructions provided for phase III (maintenance phase).
  • During the maintenance phase, if you gain more than two pounds from your last dose weight then have a protein day. Eat steak or lean meats. Stay away from other foods. On the other hand, if you lose more than two pounds from your last dose weight, you need to eat more for a day. The goal is to stay within two pounds of your last dose weight.
  • Once you’ve finished the maintenance phase, if you’re happy with your weight then slowly start adding starches back into your diet, but keep an eye on your weight. If you’re not happy with your weight, then you can start a new cycle.