Phase I – Preparation (Optional)

Phase I – Preparation (Optional)

When you’re starting the HCG diet, there’s an optional Phase I that can be very helpful. While it’s not necessary it will help guarantee your success. It will help you get into the right frame of mind mentally and help you prepare for your body for what’s about to happen.

If you decide not to do any of Phase I, it will not stop you from losing weight. You can still do well with the diet. This phase is simply to help you maximize the weight loss you’ll be able to achieve once you start the actual HCG diet plan.

31 Tips to Prepare for the HCG Diet (Phase I)

It would be nearly impossible to do all of the following. But pick at least some of them and start incorporating them into your lifestyle now, before you start the diet:

  1. Start drinking more water. Most people who are overweight don’t get near the 6-8 glasses of water that’s recommended.
  2. Start getting in the habit of walking. It may not seem like much to walk for an hour a day, as it’s not a strenuous exercise. But even a moderate walk for a total of an hour a day (can be all at once or broken up into shorter intervals) can help you boost metabolism and tone muscles.
  3. When cooking, try to use Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil for anything that calls for oil. It aids in the digestion of foods you eat and can also boost your metabolism. Limit the oil to two teaspoons each day, though.
  4. Visit a licensed colon therapist for a colonic irrigation. This flushes out harmful toxins in your body and can improve your overall health. You can also use at-home colon cleansing methods and products.
  5. Start trying to eat a couple of organic apples each day. They are truly a weight-loss aid, as they level out your blood sugar levels and help limit those hard to resist food cravings.
  6. Grapefruit is another good fruit to start eating. The fat burning enzymes will help you on your weight loss journey and just like apples, can help limit food cravings. They also, like the colon cleansing, can help rid your body of toxins.
  7. Consider using raw organic apple cider vinegar regularly. It’s another metabolism booster.
  8. Candida yeast infection can play a big role in the development of food cravings, bloating, allergies, fatigue and constipation. Try to start including products that can help prevent it now.
  9. Get some green tea in the cupboards and use it. It’s an amazing toxin remover, appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and internal body cleanser.
  10. Get some whole food supplements to start taking. They can reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Also start taking some calcium supplements and probiotics.
  11. Start your day with a big, healthy breakfast. Your body will get a metabolism boost for the day. Some things you could eat are fresh fruit, wholemeal breads, organic eggs and lean meats.
  12. Eat small snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Try to include a lot of whole grains. Do this at least six times a day – yes, even if you aren’t really hungry.
  13. Try to start making dinner time early in the evening – at least three hours before you go to bed.
  14. Speaking of bed… eat a little bit of lean meat right before you hit the sack. By doing so, you’ll boost your metabolism for the overnight hours and reduce water retention.
  15. Add hot peppers to your snacks and meals. They’ve been proven to decrease how hungry you are and boost your metabolism. They’re great additions to chicken sandwiches, salads, salsas and more… be creative!
  16. Add cinnamon to some of your dishes. It controls your blood sugar levels and helps your body to release energy in the form of fat storages.
  17. Start including organic salads with every meal that you eat.
  18. No more of the following: artificial sweeteners (use natural ones like Stevia), high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, nitrites, monosodoium glutamate – check your labels!
  19. Go as organic as possible. Meats, fruits, dairy. Everything. But avoid fish that are farm raised.
  20. no microwaveStop using your microwave. When food is microwaved, it’s been proven that the food is chemically altered. This can contribute to imbalanced hormones, as well as weight gain.
  21. Don’t make your drinks too cold. If they’re ice-cold then your metabolism slows down. Speaking of drinks, skip anything carbonated. They can prevent your body from absorbing calcium and interfere with your digestion process. Not to mention, they’re usually based around chemicals and sugar.
  22. Sweat out toxins from your body in an infrared sauna often. You can use a normal sauna if an infrared one isn’t available.
  23. Get outside and stimulate that metabolism 🙂 It’s been proven that getting enough sunshine can limit food cravings, as well as depression. About 20 minutes is enough, but remember your sunscreen.
  24. Science has shown that if you don’t get enough good, quality sleep time, you’re more likely to be overweight. When you’re deep in sleep, healing hormones are released that keep your hypothalamus activity running well and helps your body heal. (The hypothalamus is a section in your brain party responsible for your metabolic activity)
  25. Start taking Vitamin E, but make sure it’s natural and not synthetic.
  26. Try to use all natural lotions, creams and skin care products. Otherwise, you risk introducing chemicals and toxins through your skin that can negatively affect your health.
  27. Relax! Get a massage. Massages can be very beneficial for your overall health. They promote better circulation and helps flush out harmful toxins from your body. For best results, aim for two per week. Some different types of massages that you can try are deep tissue massages, Swedish, Thai or Shiatsu.
  28. Get in tune with your body through pilates and yoga. Flexibility, inner peace and a strong core are all helpful for promoting better health. Also add in some resistance training.
  29. Don’t use air conditioning unless necessary.
  30. Besides colon cleansing, liver cleansing is also beneficial.
  31. Try not to use over the counter medications.