Is Garcinia Cambogia the Weight Loss Supplement Choice That Actually Works?

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HCA is an extract of the Garcinia Cambogia Fruit that is native to mainly Asian regions of the world.

The people of these areas have used this herbal extract for hundred’s of years as an
appetite suppressant for weight loss.

Even Dr. Oz was so impressed with this that he featured it on his show because of the
promising results of the research being conducted.

Garcinia cambogia causes weight loss in two vital ways, first , this product can be taken
with meals and has the effect of causing those eating the meal to feel “full” sooner.

Secondly, research has shown that when added to the diet, garcinia cambogia has fat
burning properties which causes a greater, faster weight loss !

As an appetite suppressant, garcinia cambogia increases serotonin levels within the
body when added to the diet, adding to the feeling of being “full” sooner while dining.
This results in less calories consumed which in turn causes a greater weight loss than
dieting alone!

Also, along with acting as a strong appetite suppressant, the garcinia cambogia extract
greatly increases your body’s ability to burn additional fat by blocking the enzyme ,
citrate lyase, which gives the body instructions to create fat from carbohydrates that are
consumed. It also gives a boost to the body’s metabolism which has the added benefit of burning fat that has already stored in the body!

The dosage, recommended by Dr. Oz and others, is 500 mg two to three times per day. One dose should be taken prior to each meal.

Women who are pregnant, may become pregnant or are nursing should not take garcinia cambogia without first consulting their doctor, but for the rest of us, this just might “be the one” dietary supplement that finally makes a difference in that elusive weight loss!

Garcinia cambogia is also a good source of vitamin C and has no known adverse side effects. It is a great one step weight loss diet supplement! You will not only eat less during and between meals but you will also store less new fat and burn more fat already stored within the body! This will cause you to immediately start dropping those unwanted pounds and help you to trim and slim to your goal weight faster than you can imagine!


LAFSHP is a very young organization, but its unique public / non-profit status is an attempt to identify creative solutions to many of the problems other FPCs have faced. A permanent executive director and staff person will hopefully cushion it from changing city administrations.

The amount of public funding it has received is unusual for a U.S. food policy group. As initial seed funding expires, LAFSHP will be dependent upon successful fundraising efforts, and not necessarily city budget allocations, to sustain its activities.

However, some LAFSHP members, including its chair, hope to increase city funding as a way to elevate its role within city government.

The success organizers had in establishing LAFSHP can be attributed to several factors. Advocates leveraged their political contacts to gain support in City Hall. Support from council members was key to unblocking the bureaucracy. They also emphasized hunger issues, knowing that it would be politically unpopular for elected officials to oppose a body whose goal was to deal with such a charged issue.

Advocates made good use of the media, including Writing op-eds for the LA Times. Finally, they built a diverse local coalition, the LA Community Food Security Network, that
played an important role as a constituency for LAFSHP.

Inaction on the part of its administering government agencies has been a considerable challenge for VACH and LAFSHP. Whether it is because food is considered a low priority or because political difficulties can stymie decisions, such lags sap the energies of even the most dedicated advocates while leaving food security gaps to widen.

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