Life Extensions- Integra Lean – African Mango extract

Life Extensions- Integra Lean – African Mango extract

If you’re looking for something that’s been proven to help you lose weight then look no further than African Mango. There are many mango supplements to choose from, but Integra African Mango extract supplements has something a bit different to offer. Not only are you getting the well-known mango in the supplement, but you’re also getting other helpful ingredients that have been shown to promote weight loss on their own. Combining them was just genius.

What are these other magical ingredients?

First of all, it contains green tea extract. If you’ve been following the world of weight loss at all for any time then you know how much green tea can help. It’s been shown and proven over and over again in many different studies. Green tea extract helps prevent your body from absorbing fat. It also helps by speeding up your metabolism. And an added bonus? The green tea extract in Integra Lean is that it’s decaffeinated. But the Life Extension’s Integra Lean is optimized with not only that, but the famous Phase 3 carb-control.

Phase 3?

Never heard of Phase 3, huh? Seriously? No? All right, that’s ok. Phase 3 is actually patented! It’s an enzymy formula that, actually, a lot of people haven’t heard about. At the heart of Phase 3 is Sucrase. Sucrase is the star of your digestion system (if you’re trying to lose weight). It breaks down sugars. It regulates sugar levels and in essence, stops your body from absorbing all of the carbs you get from starches.

Is Life Extension’s supplement a better buy than others?

If you shop around and look at other African Mango supplements, you’ll quickly realize that Integra Lean actually costs a bit more than many of their ‘competitors’. But you have to remember – You get what you pay for. The amazing combination of ingredients that Integra Lean was genius enough to formulate takes quality processing and manufacturing to create. If fast weight loss is what you’re after, skip the generic and cheaply-made supplements. They’re often filled with ingredients that do you no good.