How it works

How it works

You may have been wondering why in the world everyone seems to be talking about Raspberry ketone. Well, that seems to happen when Dr. Oz talks about something on his show. He talks about it then everyone is talking about it, searching for more information and trying to buy it. This time is no exception.

Dr. Oz actually called it a true miracle weight loss supplement. Almost immediately, Google started showing huge spikes of internet traffic that was frantically searching for raspberry ketone and supplements that provide it. It was like stores and retailers ran out overnight, unaware of why everyone was suddenly buying up raspberry ketone diet pills.

Some stores and pharmacists chimed in on the phenomena. One said that merely hours after Dr. Oz talked about raspberry ketone on his show, the calls started flooding in and people were asking about it. He jokingly said that maybe he needs to start recording the show. That’s probably a good idea. Anyone who sells health related supplements should be aware of what Dr. Oz is, was and is going to be talking about on the show and be prepared to have enough on hand.

How Does Raspberry Ketone Work, Though?

Raspberry ketone speeds up your metabolism by releasing more of the hormone referred to as norephinephrine. This hormone plays a role in both obesity and depression. By increasing the levels of norephinephrine, you can control your appetite better.

It also increases the level of Adiponectin. This is a hormone that burns fat, lowers your blood sugar level and reduces the level of triglycerides in your body. It’s been directly connected with the amount of fat your body builds and stores. If you have low levels of Adiponectin then you’ll very likely have more fat. Exercise actually increases the levels of this hormone, which is just another scientific reason that exercise helps you lose weight. You essentially raise your levels in a similar way just by taking raspberry ketone supplements.

Why Buy a Supplement VS Just Eat Raspberries?

Good question. It makes sense and a lot of people wonder the same thing. The thing is that you wouldn’t be able to eat enough raspberries to get enough of this natural compound to make any difference on your weight. You’d have to eat about 90 lbs of raspberries to get the same effect as you get from the supplement. And of course, that just isn’t very realistic now is it?