Natural Weight Loss with 5-HTP

Natural Weight Loss with 5-HTP

If you’ve been looking for a purely natural way to reduce your appetite and lose weight, we have good news. There’s a supplement available that mimics what your body already does, and increases the levels of a chemical your body already produces in order to improve your mood and help you lose weight. It’s 5-HTP and the media is picking up on it fast.

In essence, 5-HTP supplements help increase the levels of serotonin in your body, which in turn helps you to not feel hungry or crave foods as much (especially if you often crave carbohydrates). There are also serotonin supplements available, but when you take those it can’t enter your brain right from the bloodstream. 5-HPT can, which is why it works much better at helping you lose weight.

If you get headaches often, suffer from mild depression or insomnia, we have even better news. Not only does it help you lose weight, but it can also help improve those conditions too.

Ok, How Does it Work Though?

Your body naturally produces 5-HTP. It’s then transformed into serotonin, which is what helps put you in a better mood and reduce your appetite. In turn, you lose weight! You aren’t hungry as often. When you do eat, you start to feel fuller quicker and easier. If you get cravings for carbohydrates then it can be particularly helpful, as in one one study, women were eating much less carbs and they weren’t even trying.

Are There Any 5-HTP Studies to Prove it Works?

Yes, there have been studies done on this chemical several times. Actually, scientists and researchers have been studying it for over 30 years. That’s a pretty long time! Here’s some information on one of the most referenced study:

A group of overweight women participated in a study to see how and if 5-HTP would really promote weight loss. Some of the women were given a placebo, while the other women were given the real 5-HTP supplement. Each day they took 200mg before meals. At the end of 12 weeks, the women had been taking the supplement lost an average of ten pounds. The women who were taking a placebo only lost a couple of pounds.

Is 5-HTP Right for You?

This supplement is said to work the best if you get a lot of food cravings, especially if you often crave carbs. As for being safe, it’s a natural chemical found in your body anyways, so yes it’s safe for the most part. Here are a few instances where it’s not recommended to take it:

  • Pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding
  • People who have gastrointestinal health problems, since 5-HTP has been reported to sometimes upset your gastrointestinal system with nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain or vomiting.
  • People who take an antidepressant or those who are suffering from sever mood altercations and bipolar disorder.
  • People who are taking medicine that may already negatively be increasing serotonin levels (if you are unsure, consult your physician).

Can I Buy 5-HTP Online?

Yes, there are a number of sites where you can buy it. Just be sure you’re getting a high quality product that doesn’t have any impurities (please, please, read the warning at the end of this article). Look at the labels and if you aren’t given the option to read the label, don’t buy it.

Like you probably do, we pay attention when Dr. Oz recommends something. He says you want a product that specifically says “Pure 5-HTP” or griffonia simplicifolia extract. You do not want a product that has a lot of added ingredients and filler ingredients.

How to Take 5-HTP

If you decide to use this supplement, start out slow. You should start with a dose of about 50mg and slowly increase from there if needed. Take it three times a day before meals. Take it for a few weeks before you decide to make any changes to your dose, as it can take that long to start seeing results. If you aren’t getting results by then, talk to your doctor about increasing the dosage.

WARNING, PLEASE READ: Be careful when buying a 5-HTP supplement. If you purchase one that is cheaply made and it has impurities, you risk developing eosinophilia myalgia syndrome or EMS. This can be fatal.