The Dr. Oz Green Coffee Extract Study Revealed on Sept. 10th Show

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raw-green-coffee-beansDr. Oz has referred to green coffee bean extract as a magical weight loss pill that can be used by pretty much anyone, regardless of body type. In fact, back in May he brought naturopathic and celebrity nutritionist Dr. Lindsay Duncan on to the show to discuss what’s so amazing about this weight loss discovery. He had no clue that immediately following that show a firestorm would erupt… hundreds of websites suddenly pushing green coffee extract, it was filling store displays and it was all over the news.

Everywhere you turned there was a picture of Dr. Oz seemingly endorsing the sale of coffee bean extracts… everyone was doing their best get their piece of the pie in midst of such immense interest. Google searches exploded as millions of people started looking for more information and trying to find where they could get some of this miracle weight loss pill.

What is it that makes this extract different from the hundreds of other weight loss supplements? Why did Dr. Oz decide to run his own study and present it live on his September 10th episode?

Understanding What Green Coffee Bean Extract Is

The real green coffee bean extracts come from green coffee beans before they’re ever processed or roasted. Natural coffee beans in their raw form contain an antioxidant referred to as chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acid is the magical ingredient. It’s what burns fat away.

If coffee beans are roasted, as they typically are, the chlorogenic acid is completely destroyed. So in order to get the amazing fat burning properties, the extract has to come from green coffee beans in their raw form.

How Does Green Coffee Extract Work?

The chlorogenic acid attacks your fat cells, destroying them and preventing new ones from forming. The unbelievable part that astonished the medical and weight loss experts is that you can still eat anything you want. You don’t have to change your diet. You don’t have to start exercising, either (or exercising more if you already do exercise).

“Taking green coffee bean extract doubles your weight loss” ~Dr. Oz

Green coffee bean extracts works regardless. You keep living your life just like you always have and start taking a Svetol green coffee bean extract… and watch the inches melt away. Sounds like a fantasy, but it’s been proven in study after study!

The Study that Confused Medical Experts…

Green coffee has been proven in numerous studies, and we aren’t talking about study on mice! Real studies on real people.

The study that Dr. Oz and Dr. Lindsay Duncan talked about back in May was one that was published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal. This study followed participants for 12 weeks to see if the GCA or Svetol green coffee bean extract would really produce weight loss worth mentioning.

The participants in this study were told not to change any of their habits, including and diet and exercise habits. They were simply to add the extract to their diet. That’s it.

The results confused and shocked weight loss experts, as it went against everything we’ve ever believed about losing weight. Participants lost 16 percent body fat, which correlated to about 17 pounds.

Most of the participants were eating 3x as many calories as they were burning with exercise/movement and still lost this kind of weight simply by adding green coffee extract into their diet!

“There are antioxidants in green coffee bean extract that melt your fat away” ~Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz Green Coffee Study

While all signs (and studies) pointed to green coffee extract to be the miracle weight loss supplement we’ve all been waiting for, Dr. Oz decided to take it upon himself to see if this stuff actually works. He put together his team of medical experts to run a study that would be revealed live on his show… the largest scale study ever done and first time he’s done one live.

On September 10th, it was live on the Dr. Oz show for us all to see firsthand. The participants were all brought in to be the audience for this show. The women who participated were all interviewed and screened by the medical team before being allowed to take part in the study.

His medical team? We don’t know every single one of them, but two of them were a registered dietician by the name of Kristin Kirkpatrick and Dr. Caroline Apovian. They chose a large group of women who were very similar to reduce any random, outside factors to interfere with results.

  • All participants were women who:
  • Were between 35 and 49  years old
  • Had a BMI between 25 and 45
  • Had problems with losing weight
  • Were not pregnant or breastfeeding

They also had to be healthy overall with no major problems. This meant no diabetes or other medical problems and no history of heart attack or stroke.

The women were split into two groups: one group that was given green coffee bean extract and one group that was given a placebo. As with any study worth a grain of salt, they didn’t know which one they had been given. They were directed to not change their eating or exercise habits, but they did have to keep a food journal so the medical experts could ensure any weight loss wasn’t due to diet.

The Results of Dr. Oz’s Green Coffee Extract Study

After two weeks, it was time to test the results! The women were weighed and evaluated once again by the medical team. They were also brought in to be the audience on the day of this groundbreaking green coffee episode that aired on September 10th.  Even on the show, they were still not aware of which group they had been placed in – the group with a placebo or the group that got the real extract.

It was finally time to talk to the women and reveal the results of this unprecedented study. The women were anxious to find out which group they’d been in! Needless to say, well here, let’s let Dr. Oz himself tell you…

“This stuff REALLY seems to work” ~Dr. Oz

The women who had been taking the real Svetol or GCA green coffee bean extract had indeed lost weight… twice as much as the other women. Even more impressive?

Several women said though the scale didn’t read different – but they lost an astounding THREE INCHES during the two week study!!

Should YOU Use Green Coffee Extract?

Because of the pure natural nature of this miracle weight loss supplement, it’s safe for pretty much anyone. There are only  couple of groups of people it isn’t recommended for and that’s simply because there isn’t enough information available about if it’s safe or not – it hasn’t been tested for these groups of people and isn’t worth the risk…

  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Anyone breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Anyone allergic to coffee or caffeine (Obviously)

It’s important to note here that yes, there is caffeine in it… but barely. Not a single woman in the study experienced any kind of jittery side effects you might expect.

“This supplement is nearly caffeine-free” ~Dr. Oz

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

Because there’s been such immense interest in this extract, there’s been hundreds of people, companies and sites trying to jump in and make money from it. So be careful about what you buy and where you buy it. You could end up with something that doesn’t even have chlorogenic acid in it (which is what causes the weight loss).

Before you buy any green coffee extract, make sure you read the label and well… if you can’t view and read the label then don’t buy it. There are several things you should be specifically looking for:

  • Buy green coffee extract that says Svetol or GCA (green coffee antioxidant)
  • Buy green coffee extract that specifically says it has a bare minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid
  • Make sure it says No Fillers
  • Make sure it say No Artificial Ingredients

Don’t get duped by the word PURE. Sure, it’s fine if it says PURE, but be sure it also fits the bill with the guidelines above.

“Not all green coffee is created equal” ~Dr. Oz

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